About me

Nicki Lampon, Hypnobirthing Practitioner
Hi! I'm so pleased you're thinking about Hypnobirthing. I've been at many, many births and I want you to have the best one you can possibly have.
When I left school I planned to be a doctor, and I so went to medical school where I learnt that medicine wasn't what I wanted to do after all! I did, however, get far enough in my training to do my obstetric rotation, where I watched dozens of births and delivered 11 babies myself. My impression was that birth was painful, messy and never went as planned! 
In spite of not becoming a doctor, I kept my interest in healing and later became
a Reflexologist, working far more holistically with my clients. I first heard of Hypnobirthing while giving reflexology treatments to pregnant clients. A couple of them had CDs they wanted to play in the background. A soothing voice repeated positive thoughts about birth, and I learnt that these were affirmations and this was Hypnobirthing. I thought it went perfectly with the relaxing techniques of reflexology.
Several years later I trained as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I am passionate about helping women free themselves from the fear and pain I witnessed during my medical training. It is possible to have a calm, more joyful birth, and with each class I teach I appreciate Hypnobirthing more and more.
I am also a fully qualified Reflexologist, registered with Reflexology New Zealand. If you are interested in reading more about reflexology and the benefits in pregnancy, please visit my sister site, Bay Reflexology.