Hypnobirthing classes run face-to-face or online over 4 weeks or 2 days. You can chose to do these as part of a small group, or privately.

We also run Essentials classes for those who don't have time to do the whole class, and Refresher classes for those people who have taken a Hypnobirthing class before.

We also run Introductions to Hypnobirthing (free of charge), Pregnancy Relaxation classes, Confident Mama classes, and Reflexology classes for parents. Please click on the relevant boxes below to go to the right pages.

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Hypnobirthing Essentials

Learn some Hypnobirthing essentials in this introductory class for mums-to-be. Click here for details.

Confident Mama Classes

Need more confidence? Come along and learn hypnosis and relaxation techniques for motherhood. Click here.


Hypnobirthing Classes

Want to more more about the classes? Click here for dates, prices, location, and more information


If you've done a full Hypnobirthing course before and just want a refresher, this is the place for you. Click here.

Pregnancy Relaxation

Want to learn some relaxation techniques? Whether you are doing Hypnobirthing or not, click here for details.

Reflexology for Parents

Learn some basic Reflexology techniques to help newborns up to teenagers. Click here for details.

For more details, contact Nicki

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