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Hypnobirthing Essentials

No time to do a full course? This private 2-hour Essentials session might be right for you.
This Hypnobirthing Essentials class is aimed at mums-to-be like you who are interested in Hypnobirthing but maybe discovered it too late to do a full course, or just ran out of time. It includes some of the basics of Hypnobirthing and tools to help you create a more positive mindset, such as breathing and the use of affirmations.
The session lasts 2 hours, is tailored to your needs, and includes a short downloadable handout and two downloadable MP3s.
How much does it cost?
$120 per mum. Partners are welcome to attend if they wish (at no extra cost).
What is the difference between the Essentials class and a full course?
The Hypnobirthing Essentials class is intended for mums who do not have time to do the full class. It covers a small portion of the full class and does not include the workbook or ebook from the full class, the complete set of MP3s, or any goodies or gift vouchers.
What if I decide I want to do the full course after doing the Essentials class?
If ​you decide you wish to do the full course after paying for and completing the Essential class, we will deduct $60 from the price of the full course.
To book a time for your private one-on-one Essentials class, please contact Nicki.
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