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Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Join other mums-to-be in a pregnancy relaxation class and learn how to relax, breathe and focus on a calm, confident birth.


Every mum has a right to a positive birth experience, and these classes aim to help you so that no matter what type of birth you want or have, you can come away with an amazing experience.

Classes start by encouraging you to think about what you want during birth (not about what you don't want). We might then talk about an aspect of birth or dispel a common fear. Following a positive birth story you will be taught to breathe for relaxation before being led in a guided relaxation or fear release. Sessions vary depending on participants, and no two sessions are exactly the same.

Dates and Locations
Fridays 11.30am-12.30pm (after Vital Pregnancy Yoga with Sarah Beale from Wellness Sanctuary)
Classes are currently ONLINE via Zoom. Special price of $10.
Please contact to book ahead so you can access the Zoom link.
Special Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation class
Next date tba shortly!
Wellness Sanctuary, 32A Main Street, Hospital Hill, Napier


Join Yoga teacher Sarah Beale, Hypnobirthing teacher Nicki Lampon and other beautiful mums-to-be in a Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation session. Sarah will guide you through gentle yoga postures to calm both mama and baby in the womb, and to prepare for a smooth birthing experience. This will be followed by soothing relaxation with Nicki's calm voice guiding you into blissful relaxation. This is time to relax, breathe and focus on a calm, confident birth. Learn how to teach yourself to relax and breathe.

$30 made payable prior to the event to Wellness Sanctuary: 12-3144-0257538-00 Bookings are ESSENTIAL. Please book by emailing

Is this Hypnobirthing?

This is not a Hypnobirthing class, it is a relaxation class. However you will get guided relaxation and positive imagery from a qualified Hypnobirthing teacher who is passionate about helping you have a more comfortable and confident birth.

Can I do this even if I'm not taking Hypnobirthing classes?

Yes! This is a class for anyone, whether you are Hypnobirthing or not and whatever type of birth you are anticipating.

When in my pregnancy can I come to a class?

You can come to a class at any point in your pregnancy. No two classes are exactly the same, so you are very welcome to come along to as many as you can.

I am having a C-section. Is this any use for me?

Yes! If you know you are having a C-section and you'd like to come along to a class, please let me know in advance and I'll make sure the relaxation is applicable for you. Relaxation and positive births are for all mums-to-be and can help with any fears or worries you might have about the procedure.

What do I need to wear?

We will be relaxing on sofas or on mats, cushions or pillows on the floor (depending on location), so wear anything you are comfortable in.

What do I need to bring?

Depending on venue, water may not be available, so please feel free to bring your own.

How much is it?

Classes are $15 per session. Special prices apply for sessions with Pregnancy Yoga.

Do you take EFTPOS?

Please bring cash or be prepared to pay via your mobile phone banking app at the start of the class.

Do I need to book?

Space is limited so please book with Nicki on 021 909446 or (or with Wellness Sanctuary for special sessions including Pregnancy Yoga). If you haven't booked and would like to drop in, we will try to fit you in if we can.

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