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Refresher Classes

Refresher classes are for those who have done a full Hypnobirthing class for a previous birth. They are ideal if it has been a while since your previous birth or if you just want to refresh the techniques and get some new inspiration.
Classes are for a individual mum or couple, last 2-2.5 hours, and are tailored to your needs. Revisit the mind-body connection, run through how your body works to birth your baby, do some deep relaxation, have a fear release session, work on your BRAINS, listen to positive birth stories - the choice is up to you! We will suggest topics that might be helpful if you are unsure.

$120 per mum or couple.

Why do you have to have done a full course?
We want you to really 'get' Hypnobirthing. There are some great tools and books out there, but if you haven't done a full course you might not understand how to fully use these to your best advantage. Taking a course with a trained teacher means you go through everything and have the best chance of success. The last thing we want is for you to say you tried Hypnobirthing but it 'didn't work' because you only got a fraction of the information you needed!

What if I did a class with another teacher?
If ​you did a Hypnobirthing class with another teacher, if possible please provide course notes from the teacher. This is so we know what type of class you did and can tailor your refresher to fit in with what you already know.

Please note, refresher classes are not suitable for you if you have only used online resources or read a book.
If you have had some success with these methods and wish to go deeper, please book a full course. If you want an introductory short course, please look at the Essentials class.
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