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Is Hypnobirthing Worth It?

"Because You're Worth It".... We all know the phrase. It's been used by a well-known company to advertise skin care and hair care for a long time now.

But, looking at the cost of Hypnobirthing, do you believe you're really worth it? Is your baby?

Birth is the most important event in your baby's life

Your baby has spent 9 months cocooned in your womb, and now it's time for him or her to meet you. How do you want your baby to feel? Safe and loved as he or she is breathed down into the world, or traumatised by your fear?

The birth process affects you, your baby and your partner, and it can be a positive, joyful experience or a negative, traumatic one.

A difficult birth can have a lasting psychological consequence for you and your baby, even though he or she won't remember it. A difficult birth can also have a physical affect on you and your baby. A difficult birth can also have a psychological affect on your partner. None of that is good.

Although Hypnobirthing cannot guarantee a pain-free birth, it gives you the tools to make a calm, joyful birth far more likely. And that's great news for you, your baby and your partner.

Is it worth it? Yes!

How much?

That's almost the first question I get asked when I talk about Hypnobirthing. "How much does it cost?"

Yes, it costs a bit of money. Yes, there are some cheaper antenatal courses out there. But they aren't Hypnobirthing.

In fact, in New Zealand, going to a Hypnobirthing class is a bargain! if you want to do Hypnobirthing in the USA, you'd be paying on average another NZ$50. If you were in the UK, it would be costing you about NZ$150 more, and if you were in Australia it could be costing you an extra NZ$200 for a Hypnobirthing class!

So, is it worth it? Absolutely!

Why isn't it cheaper?

Because you get what you pay for!

I've trained with the International Institute of Hypnobirthing to try to give you the best birth you can have. You get a book and CD, MP3s, a folder full of handouts, and 5 classes of tuition. You also get a bunch of extras emailed to you, and usually some vouchers and goodies. I pay for the books, and I spend time and money printing and collating material and putting the classes together.

I love what I do, and I'm good at it. I want you to have a great experience. But I also need to earn a living. Add up all the hours I put towards a class, and all the material you get, and I don't earn very much at all as an hourly rate!

So, am I worth it? Definitely!

So, are you and your baby worth it?

Well, are you?

How much would you spend on a really special occasion? A wedding, a 21st, a 30th?

How much would you spend on a weekend away?

How much do you regularly spend on just coffee or lunch?

How much are you planning on spending on the actual birth of your baby?

Stop and think about it. Think...

This is a special occasion. A really, really special occasion. Wouldn't you plan, prepare, spend a bit of time and money on a special occasion? You want to look back on this birth and remember it with joy, not with fear.

Why is the actual birth of your baby not important enough to spend money on?

Yes, I understand that you may not have much money. I know that some people reading this really cannot afford Hypnobirthing, and I'm sorry. I've struggled for money more often in my life than I'd like, and I do understand.

However, for the rest of you - save a bit, dig deep, re-evaluate your priorities. Can you borrow a cot or a pushchair or a car seat? Do you really need to buy new for everything or anything? Save a bit here and there. It's doable if you really want to. And you should want to, for yourselves and for your baby.

Are you worth it? Is your baby worth it? Absolutely positively YES!

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