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Max's birth story

I love getting birth stories, and this one was amazing! This mama is a rock star at birthing! Here's her story...

Hey Nicki... After 40 weeks and 1 day cooked to perfection, Mr Maximus William Tana Hill decided it was time to come into the world at 9.9 lbs in just over 3 hours through a natural home water birth. Friday night, just after midnight, while watching a movie in bed with Matt enjoying our last days together alone, I noticed those consistant braxton hicks contractions I had been having the last week felt slightly different.... I just knew it was soon time, which filled me with immense joy and excitement as I'd have my boy in my arms soon.

I went to sleep going over my affirmations and thinking about how I wanted my birth to be. I managed to fall asleep for a few hours and woke up at 4 am feeling energized yet calm.

I lay in bed for the next couple of hours breathing through each surge, feeling them grow in intensity and channelling that energy back into allowing my mind to focus on how this experience was going to be all I wanted it to be.

By 5 am the surges were about 5 minutes apart but still no pain. I called my midwife to let her know that it was time, although it may still be a while away. She came by to check on my progress and turns out I was already 6 cm.

She sat with me while Talaya and Matt set up my pool and a bed. I spent time listening to hypnobirthing tracks and not letting anything take my mind off how my birth was going to be. I kept calm and focused on breathing correctly.

Shortly after I climbed in the pool I recall my midwife saying to me, "Santana you are welcome to push when you're ready." I thought to myself, surely not! I was still not feeling pain, only a great pressure... Sure enough I had the urge to push, and then he was born. My birth could not had gone better; my boy was brought into the world in a calm and loving environment and I had the chance to love every moment of it. Thank you so much for your work with us. I truly value your work and will ensure I spread the word about Hypnobirthing with Nicki and how truly magical birth can be. Santana, Matt and Max

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