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In control of a long labour

Not everyone has a speedy birth, but Hypnobirthing can work for all situations. This amazing client had a long birth, at home, with no pain relief and a biiig baby!! Massive congratulations!


I listened to the hypnobirthing relaxation and affirmation recordings on repeat throughout the entire labour (all 27 hours of it). I didn't use the hypnobirthing to get into a zone of relaxation, however, more just to listen to and remind myself of the affirmations. I used it more in a head space way rather than relaxing with it in my body. It was, however, very helpful as I would try to put it into practice, e.g. when I was having a contraction I'd think about the part of the recording that said you can choose how to react to it and only give it what it needs, and the affirmations constantly playing like "My baby is a perfect size for my body", "I can birth my baby", "Each surge bring me closer to my baby" - I would listen to them and that would be positive reinforcement for me.

I would have needed to practice hypnobirthing and getting into the zone a lot in pregnancy to be able to use it in the way intended in labour. I was unable to relinquish control during the labour and I used hypnobirthing to help me stay in control. Not really the intention of hypnobirthing but helpful nonetheless!

The labour was nothing like the calm labours in the hypnobirthing videos, it was loud. What it did share with the calm births though is that I felt safe in the labour, I just didn't like it at all.

I would recommend the course to others as it is a great way of flooding your mind with positivity about birth and reframing any negative thoughts. My body is built for this rings true. Xxx

Thanks Nicki

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