The best present you can give a loved one
The best present you could possibly give a pregnant friend or loved one would be an amazing birth - right? Confidence, excitement and joy as they look forward to their upcoming birth. Who wouldn't want that?
While Hypnobirthing can't guarantee the perfect experience, it can give your loved one loads of tools to help them with their birth, and this will set them up for their new life as a parent. Less risk of induction, interventions and a c-section. Less risk of trauma. Less chance of post-natal depression. This all means a better bonding experience with their baby, an easier time transitioning to their new parent status, and less stress on their relationship with a partner. Hypnobirthing babies are happier too as they have usually had a calm birth, setting them up for life.
Vouchers are available towards a Hypnobirthing class or for the full price of a class ($295). Why not ask for a positive birth experience for your baby shower instead of things that may never be used?
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$295 voucher