A healing experience

This mama was amazing! It's so easy to tell mums that they just need to trust their bodies, but it can be hard to do - especially if you've had a previous birth that wasn't so good. But it CAN be done! Here's the proof. Congratulations on your extended family! Good Morning Nicki Hope all is well, just wanting to give some feedback and tell you about my experience giving birth. My daughter is almost 2 months old now but I remember my birth as if it was yesterday. Baby was born on exactly 40 weeks. The day before I was with all my family as they had all traveled back to Hawkes Bay for a funeral. I was feeling little niggles since early morning but thought nothing of them as they weren't real

It's twins!

Earlier this year I had the excitement of teaching a couple expecting twins! Here is their story: Hello Nicki, Well well, our boys have arrived :) The story was not your ideal hypnobirthing scenario, but breathing and visualizations were very helpful in the long and complicated process. First I was told to come to the hospital for a check up after a scan, as the doctors noticed increased fluid flow into the babies' brains and hearts, and as they explained the placenta was slowly starting to wear out and support the two most important organs in the babies - a sign it was time to help the babies out before the placenta stopped working and supporting them. So the doctors recommended observing t

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